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Industrial Forklifts, is the Western Master Distributor for Heli. Industrial Forklifts' Corporate offices and parts distribution warehouse is located in Denver, Colorado.

Our primary focus for distribution is through our dealer network located in four southern states (LA, MS, AL, GA) and throughout the southwest.

Industrial Forklifts also has the privilege of supplying forklift equipment directly to the rental industry through national trade organizations such as the American Rental Association as well as regional organizations to include the California Rental Association and the Texas Rental Association.

Along with its manufacturing partners, it's noteworthy to mention that Industrial Forklifts has become widely known for it's ability to provide the industry with quality material handling equipment at affordable prices, fast and expedient parts availability, and all service and warranty processes handled internally by our well qualified and professional staff.

Producing material handling equipment since 1958. Largest forklift manufacturer in Asia. Ranked among top 10 global manufacturers of forklift equipment. Vertically integrated with large R&D and testing facilities. ISO9001, 14001 & CE Certified, meets ANSI B56.1 standards.

Heli corporate mission: "work together to improve the future"

Together the staff, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders, create a more relaxed, more efficient, more environmentally friendly transport equipment, continue to enhance the quality of human work and life.

"Together to enhance the future" is our mission, it is also our responsibility. As the Chinese forklift industry's first brand, one duty is to take responsibility to enhance the international status of the industry; the second is development of enterprises and industry confidence for the future; third is to gather all forces, together to further strengthen the national brand bigger and stronger, to achieve rapid promotion, as soon as possible into the international Industrial Vehicles First Group Being one of the leaders in the market, we should have a world-class brand, first-class enterprises and first-class products.


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.